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Contact Lens Examination

Contact lens examinations include all of the components of a comprehensive eye exam but also include specific measurements and testing necessary to properly and responsibly fit a contact lens. We will start with determining your eyeglasses prescription then adjust for the specific curvature of the cornea. An initial trial contact lens will be selected based your visual demands, ocular health, and activities of daily living.

Were you ever told that contact lenses were not an option for you by your doctor? That may no longer be the case with the newer high oxygen lens materials, and daily disposable lenses.

Contact lens manufacturers are constantly researching lens polymers and multipurpose solutions. We have seen an explosion of available contact lens options in the last few years. Dr. Steele strives to maintain the most up to date contact lens trial sets from all of the major manufacturers for his patients. His vast supply of lenses allows a majority of his patients to walk out of his office with their new contact lenses. Occasionally, an individual’s prescription strength will be outside the range of lenses typically kept on hand in the office. Dr. Steele will special order your trial lenses directly from the manufacturer in these cases. Typically this process takes no more than a few days and his office will call to notify you the very hour they arrive.

For those who have never used contact lenses in the past the exam fee is $140.00. This includes training on proper insertion and removal of the contact lens. Dr. Steele will also discuss proper lens care as well as troubleshooting techniques that will help the new wearer determine what is normal and what is not normal.